Got Milk? The owner of may sell it for $10 million


Having a good domain name has always been the big thing in marketing. When you look to great stories of domain names, the best and expensive domains are often the shortest, easy to pronounce and catchy, in order to be memorable. But most of the time, they are already taken. So what about

This domain name comes from the old internet as it has been registered in 1994 by Dan Bornstein, a milk-lover. When he bought it, he just wanted to have a fun email address and he never thought that someday it would be worth few millions…

I was at my first job out of college, and the reason I got a domain at all was for email. Back in those days, everyone used their work email address as their personal address, and I was unsatisfied at work. I realized that I’d have to switch email addresses every time I switched jobs, so that’s why I got my own site. Once I had the domain I figured I’d might as well have a website on it.

But what did make Dan choose the domain

It was a running joke between a friend and me. At the time, was available, was available, and in retrospect those would’ve been valuable domains to have, but I didn’t want to be “” This friend of mine, for vaguely justifiable reasons, called me “milk boy.” So I was like “oh, is available.” It was a short word and kind of memorable, so that’s why I picked it.

At that time, Dan Bornstein did have no idea that internet would grow like it did, and that some day there will be domain name battles. Even if he really loves his domain, he realized that he could earn a lot.

If someone came forward with a $10 million offer, and they were really serious, I’d probably go for it. I mean, that would be enough for me to retire on. It would make a significant impact on my lifestyle. It would represent a certain amount of personal freedom and it’d be hard to turn that down on principle.

Probably this sale will be one of the greatest and expensive domain names sale!

Would you consider to enter to this juicy business? Would you want to make an 8 figures offer for

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