10 million dollars for Ethereum.com

Calling all cryptocurrency enthousiasts: Ethereum.com is up for sale. The domain name was initially reserved in 2002 and had no link with blockchain technology. It is only a happy coincidence if the famous platform later adopted the same name. Ethereum was created in 2013 by the Russian researcher and developer in cryptocurrencies Vitalik Buterin, he…


An Introductory guide to domain names

On the occasion of a congress in Denmark, ICANN, the internet regulator, published an introductory guide to domain names. This document is part of a series of guides dealing with issues that are important to internet users. Informing new users of internet issues is part of ICANN’s commitment to ensuring the stability, security and global…

Domain name: Owner or Holder?

“I’ve lost my domain name!”, “I want to buy a domain name”, “I was the owner of this domain name and I want to get it back” … These are examples of what we often hear, but aren’t they misnomers? Are we really owner of a domain name or isn’t it a metonymy? Holder of…

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