Thanks to our new app, you can now track daily sales on domain names and place your bids directly from your mobile or iOS tablet. With our notifications system, react in real-time and don’t lose your lead over a domain.
App DomRaider iOS

The usability has been designed so that you can see the auctions of the day in which you participate at a single glance and to know on which you have the lead or not. From then you can bid with only one click.

Download DomRaider’s app

In this very first version you can:

  • place a bid on a domain name
  • be notified of the auction roll-out
  • check the activity of an auction: number of bidders, remaining time.

Note that it is necessary to be registered on the platform to enter the auctions.

For now, DomRaider’s app is available on iOS but will soon be displayed on Android.

Feel free to download the app, to use it and to give us a feedback. We will make updates as we go along.

So go on, grab your iPhone or iPad, download the app and take a look at our daily auctions!